The smart grid. From scratch.

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Let's get it right this time.

The electricity grid was built for another world and another time. Originally designed to supply electricity from a single generator to a group of consumers, it was the very model of 19th-century industrial thinking. But we have now more-or-less exhausted the possibilities of Grid 1.0: the 19th-century grid.

Right now, the world spends billions of dollars to make this grid smarter and more efficient. Because of the grid’s limitations, that approach can only make a little bit of difference. Grid 1.0 is inherently hostile to distributed power, to green generation, and to smart consumption. That’s just not how the old grid works, and no amount of tinkering will make it much better.

We think that Grid 1.0 has come to the end of the line, and the time is right to develop Grid 2.0: a completely new electricity grid, specially-designed from top to bottom: a 21st-century grid. Right now, we are designing that grid. Some time this year, we will begin to fund it, and then to build it.

Our Founders

Russ Wells: Formerly President of MoveItOnline and Senior VP of TransCanada Pipelines. Russ brings a wealth of experience in energy and technology and is a proven leader of large, successful field engineering teams.

Fred Popowich: Professor of Computing Science at Simon Fraser University. Serial entrepreneur.

Stephen Makonin: Senior research scientist in data, computational sustainability, smart energy systems, and smart homes. Maker.

Roger Bradbury: Founder of Tjurunga Pty Ltd, a consultancy in non-linear systems. Adjunct Professor in Complex Systems at the Australian National University.

Kelly Graves: Co-founder of several extremely successful startups, serial entrepreneur, one-time Entrepreneur In Residence at Calgary Technologies.

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